Day 9 - Greeting supervisor in Thai.


I have been so tired with yesterday activities. So I slept long time until 10 am. At around 11 am, one of my friend invited to me a lunch today. My friends took me to a canteen. I ate noodle, it was so delicious, and It cost only 30 THB (100 JPY). After having a lunch, my friends also invited me to join their work to make the machine to pick mango fruits up automatically. I mainly work on software so that it is nice for me to see a hardware workplace. This workplace seems a professor’s house. I have met around 7 students and 1 internship student from India. We enjoyed talking.
Professor who we met at this workplace called a professor who can be my supervisor in Thai. My friend took me to a place where that professor is. After having gotten there, we have found that teacher was at the airport. So we wait for a while, she also recommended us to talk with a internship student from Slovakia. According to him, he is now making campus map application which works under off-line situation, especially it is not kind of web application (not sure). I have never heard that kind of way to implement app, so interesting it is. I would like to learn something from him!. After one hour taking with him. The professor came and took me to a work place. In there, I met a internship student from Czech republic. After checking my new workplace, my friend took me back to my room by motor cycle. They are so kind, Thai people are always kind and calm! I found nice cultures in their attitude.

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