Day 31 - Normal day! - Chinese class by Thai language.


 This is 31st day of staying in Thai, actually it has been one month after I came here. Time flows really fast in this 3 month, I am really afraid of being 6 more months without any research result. I would like to publish the thesis here, if I got a chance. Since if you do not publish or make a good result, research can be only for your self-satisfation. For me, it seems quite sad.
 Today, I asked my Thai friends to let me join a Chinese class from 8am. During the class I was quite surprised that a teacher from china offer the class in Thai. She study Thai language as her major in her university in China, and according to her It has been already one year to came to here at Sakon Nakhon. She is good a model for me to achieve fluency in Thai. During class, my brain is soo confused that I learn Thai and Chinese. At same time, I really really enjoyed this strange situation like I learn Thai and Chinese with English, these 3 languages are not my mother tongue, my brain is working so hard. I found it is soo interesting for me to learn new language.
 After finished the class, I went to office. took a lunch with students from Czech, Slovakia and Thai. During having the lunch, it was quite heavy raining. We wait a 30 - 40 min for rain mitigated. In the evening, one of my friend invited me to go to table tennis, I played with Thai and Bangladesh students. I really enjoyed it. After this, we went to a market and took a dinner. I ate Pat-thai and something like looking sausage but which contain noodle, vegetable, meat, etc.., I don't like it! especially I thought it was sausage, it can be horrible. I told thanks to my friend. I came back to my room. I also washed my clothes today!.

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