Day 30 - Normal day! - English class by a great man.


 This is 30th day of staying in Thai. Today I worked at office all day. In the morning, one of the professor was asking me and a student from Czech to attend his volunteer English class.
 After finished work today, I went back to a dorm, and played a violin. Then, I joined his English class. I am proud of attending it, there are many of students from Thai, and several international students from Czech, Slovakia, India and me Japan. It was nice activities for us especially for Thai students. After this class, The professor and me and students from India and Slovakia went to have a dinner at a restaurant. I ate sticky rice and grilled meet. During the dinner, we heard professor's stories. He is soo experienced person that stayed at Canada for 18 years and other countries such as Dubai, Europe, Africa, Asia including Japan for 15 years. He worked at a hotel as a chef and/or a painter and a sculptor. Then he came back to Thai 5 years ago. Then started teach about hotel management and English. I was so impressed his stories, he loved people all over the world. He also likes girls as well. As a secret language, he call white girls as a white cake, black girls as a chocolate cake, Indian as chicken curry, Philippina as shinigan, Japaneses as sushi, Thai girls as Tom-yam or Songtam. His stories are interesting!! Actually, he stayed abroad longer than Thai..
 Since I am really love Japan, I want to stay longer in Japan as much as possible. But I think every people who live in this Earth have responsibility to contribute not only to my countries, but also to Earth!. I will work internationally to contribute it, and then I can enjoy much more staying in Japan.

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