Day 3 - Move to Sakon Nakhon.


 This is the third day of staying in Thai. Today, I moved from Bangkok to Sakon Nakhon where my university is.
 I waked up early at around 5:30 to prepare and go to Don Mueang airport. At the airport, check in bag weight limitation is up to 15 kg, but my bag was around 27 kg. Then I needed to pay 3000 THB. I felt so sad, but I still learned something from it, when you take LCC (Low Cost Carrier) and you have a heavy hag, do not hesitate to have additional options which is like making weight limitation more heavier. Even adding some options, it seems still cheap!
 My seat was right to the end on Window, I enjoyed to see the Landscape from the air plain. Here I recommend you to take Nok Air, when you need to take domestic fright in Thai. My Thailand friends also recommend Nok Air. This company offers good quality service (of course no food or drink service, since it is LCC.)with low price in my opinion. After getting at Sakon Nakhon airport, a university international affair staff kindly picked me up. Then, we moved to University. It took 15 to 20 minutes.
 Finally we got at dorm for university guests. I will stay at this dorm. It looks clean and good! I feel relaxed with this room.

overview of my room, seems clean and confortable.

But since this morning I did not have chances to take meal until the evening at around 3 pm, I had been soo hungry... University staff told me where canteen is, but it was heavy raining. (Also she told me, today subject registration day for students, many students came, that was the reason canteen was open.)
 At around 2 pm, one of my friend visited and helped me to rent a bicycle from university. He also gave me an umbrella, he is soo kind. Thank you very much!. After getting the bicycle, I went to 7-Eleven and canteen for having a lunch. Price was so cheap for 30 THB (100JPY). I also roamed around campus, there was a small street market, it was interesting. I have met a international student from Pakistan, since halal food canteen only available during lunch time, we promised to have lunch together someday. I went to canteen and ate Gaprao, Finally I went to back to my room.

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