Day 29 - Normal day! - go to market and canteen(Box zone).


 Today is the 29th of staying in Thai. I decided to play the violin in the morning (outside). But it seems raining today, then I started to work. I went to the office at 10 am. And took a lunch with a student from Czech and 2 teachers. One of the teacher speaks English so much, since he stayed Canada for 18 years. He taught us English is important, comunicating and helping each other is great, all people who we met and had conversation must be friend!. So nice way of thinking. Also, The student from Czeck taught me that they use Czeck currency but not Euro. She thinks they should use it!. So she needed to exchange from currency in Czeck into US dollers and US dollers into Thai Baht, but I think she can withdrow money in ATM, it is more cleaver way! in my opinion.
 The student from Czeck and me went to back to a office. I found that I need more faster internet connection than university WiFi which I use now, and also desktop computer if possible. I asked about it to professor. After finished work today I went to back to dorm and played violin outside. I did not forget to exersice and gym at first floor of the building where I stay at!
 One of my friend invited me to go to market. We roamed around and went to canteen called "Box zone" which is food restaurant complex or something. I ate sticky rice and crispy pork, it was delicious. Also I learned a lot of Thai from them! Thank you so much!.

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