Day 28 - Normal day! -presetation of the student from Pakistan.


This is 28th day of staying in Thai. Today, I played the violin in the morning. Then, I go to work place. I took a lunch with a student from Czech, according to her food cost in Czech is not so expensive that What I imaged. After the lunch, we stopped at Science festival, which student have Exhibition booths and take something like presentation. It seems so nice!
We came back to the office and go to see the our friend's final presentation. He is from Pakistan and his presentation was scheduled at 1 pm. But even it passed 1 pm, he didn't come. Around 10 people wait for him, and professors called him for many times he didn't reply. After waiting for him for 40 min, we gave up to help his final presentation. And actually just after after breaking up, he appeared. That's too bad... Instead of formal presentation, It was decided for him to take presentation in his professore's class.
I visited one professors room. There is a student who want to learn speaking English. He and me talked a bit. In the conversation, I was so surprised that he and another student (both are from Thai) did not know the word "research"... Maybe he need to study basics and vocabularies again!.
I went to see his presentation in his professor's class. His presentation slide was too complicated to understand. There were little pics, also his English was too fast and tard (because of Pakistan English). He should notice it, especially his English level is high, he should try to let people understand.

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