Day 26 - Buy a violin, go to cafe and hair cut.


 I went back from the field survey just yesterday, I got up late at around 10 am. Then, I wash my clothes with washing and drying machine equipment at first floor of my building.
 Just after washing the clothes, one of the professor's husband kindly picked me and took to musical instrument shops to buy a violin. Firstly we go to the musical teacher's house, she ordered a violin for me. I gave it and tried to play. This instrument was made as mass production, not good to play... Still so nice for me to have a violin and be able to play violin. But the problem was not in violin itself, Bow was a problem. Bow of a violin should be well balanced in many ways, then it would be easy to handle and easy to make good sounds. Bow is important!. At the moment, I decided to buy violin, it took 3000THB (10000JPY). After buying this violin, he took me to a musical instrument shop in the city to buy more suitable bow. I got bow for 500THB (1700JPY). I really satisfied!! thank you very much to him and musical shop workers!.
 After that, one of my Thai friends invited me go to a cafe. I went back at front of the Univ by Sonteu, then my friends picked me up and we went to a cafe. We started chatting. Within 30 min, some more new members came, we got 7 people in total. They kindly invited me a trip of mountain hike on Dec. I was feeling really happy! thank you for them.
 During taking the cafe, I consult that I would like to have my hair cut. Then, they took me to a hair cut shop at the opposite side of the main road. Only one somehow old women was there we tell her what type of hair style I like, and she understood "ohh, that is American style!". I didnt know that is American style... haha. She started cutting so carefully. after she finished cutting hair, I asked let her cut top part. After cut top part, she said this is Hong Kong style!! not American style! hahh hahh!!. I did not big difference bitween American style and Hong Kong style, But I liked her cutting! And It costed only 80THB(250JPY). Then, my friends took me to my dorm! Thank you very much!!

<Washing and drying machine equipment in my building.>

 In my building, there are Washing and drying machine equipment. Washing machines are big enough to put one week washings (don't forget here is tropical countries, and no thick clothes...). Also there is drying machine. But on weekends, there are many people trying to use these, it is better to go on weekdays, if possible.

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