Day 19~21 - Staying house on weekends.


In these days, I prefer to stay in room and near domitory, since I needed to concentrate on works. On 11th I went cafe which seems the nearest as a franchise from my domitory, but it took 25 min by bicycle. It is a good chance for me to exercise, lol. Not only research work, but I also work at writing music note of Libertango for violin and guitar. I conduct final check and will upload soon!
On 13th, I went shopping mall to buy some equipments for the coming field survey in the next week. In the mall, I took a dinner at Pizza resraurant and ordered pizza and pasta. Those were so delicious, but it costed 350THB (1250JPY). And I think this was the most expensive meal, after coming to Thai. I feel quite expensive, Actually somewhat expensive, but usual meal in Thai is too cheap like around 35~50 THB (100~170JPY). I sometimes worried about local restaurant management.

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