Day 14 - 18.

2018/08/06 ~ 2018/08/10

In these days I went to field survey in Bueng Kan province and Nong Khai province. It was so nice survey thanks to co-reserchers and local supporters. Also weather was totally quite nice, almost no raining during the survey, even it is now rainy season here in Thai!! I also learned many things from them such as how their land use is, what is the problem and also Thai language.
 One of the local supporter from Nong Khai spoke English very well, I learned a lot. I realized language is important as a communication tool!. There was Lao market, people in Lao can come to Thai once a week (maybe on Thursday) by boat acrossing Mekong river. Its width is around 1 km in rainy season. It was interesting.
 I also went Mekong river in Bueng Kan adn Nong Khai province, since these two city is located along Mekong river.

Mekong river at Bueng Kan province

 This picture below is where I stayed in Bueng Kan province this hotel is really nice!! I really want to stay in another time.

The One hotel in Bueng Kan province

 I showed the points we visited in this field survey on a picture below.

Where we visited in thie field survey.

 My co-researchers invited me to eat Thai BBQ which is mixed shabu-shabu & korean style hot plate, (シャブシャブ & 焼き肉). It was nice to eat a lot of meat!

Thai style BBQ (หมูกระทะ, Muu Grata)

 At the Nong Khai province, We went to Vietnamese restaurant named "Daeng", it was so delicious. I heared that there was Vietnamese immigrant in the past, that is why North-east Thai land have Vietnamese culture!



 One good thing for me is that I met a dish, which I had been really looking forward, in the field survey. I ate this meal as a first time in the last year, I didn't remember the name of the dish at that time... But I found this dish named "pad see ew (ผัดซีอิ๊ว)". I strongly recommend you to taste it, when you come to Thai. Even not so many web sites recommend, but I strongly recommend.

pad see ew (ผัดซีอิ๊ว)

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