Day 13 - Goodbye visitors from Ugo-town.


 Today is 13th day of staying in Thai, visitors from Ugo-town in Akita who were with us in these a few days came back to Bangkok today (come back to Japan tomorrow). We had enjoyed until the last moment.
 In the morning, we went to “Lotus farm” in the university where have many kinds of lotuses. According to a professor, university is now collecting lotuses as many kind as possible, in order to be the number one lotus holder in Thai and develop its usage. After visiting lotus farm, we moved to have breakfast in a Vietnamese restaurant.
 We visited Christian church in Thai. In the past, believing any religion without Buddhism were prohibited in Thai. But after 1980s or something, government let them allow to believe any religions. It is getting popular now, and over 80 % people in that (small) district are Christian. (In my under standing, basically they were immigrant from Vietnam, they were with French culture).
 We move to Airport to check in. Organizer of their trip lost his passport. And it seems he needs to go to Japanese embassy in Thai. today or tomorrow. Even he has experiences to study in UK and Korea for 1 year respectively, it happened. It was a pity thing, but it can happen to anyone. Let’s carefully take care of our staffs. I bought small case printed university’s name for each Ugo high-school students. I really hope that this staying in Thai would change something in their mind in a good way.
 After saying good bye to them, Friend from Maha Sarakham Province and I came to bus terminal to take own way. For me, I have a field trip from tomorrow morning, I moved to Udon Thani province and stay one night. We met officer who teaches Japanese at high school in Thai under one year term. I said goodbye to them and got into a bus. It took for nearly 4 hours. After getting Udon Thani, I took a bike taxi to go to a hotel. During riding on it, I realized that I am getting better in Thai language, since I could talk with him with short sentences in Thai. I want to be more fluent to speak and understand Thai.
 After getting the hotel, I went to nearest shopping moll where is 4 km far from hotel. I walked two ways!.. When I got to central city, I realized that Udon Thani is so big city.

Robinson in Udon Thani, so big!

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