Day 12 - Trip in Sakon Nakhon 2.


 This is 12th day of staying in Thai, since the day before yesterday, visitor from Ugo town in Akita prefecture came to our University, I also joined them to roam around at Sakon Nakhon area. We were divided into two groups, I joined to go to Hospital and shopping. In the morning, actually I was planning to go with another group to visit Temple and Indigo street shop. But I woke up too late at around 9:30 am. So I decided to join that group, still trip was so nice. We went to Sakon Nakhon hospital, since a high school student from Ugo-town who wants to be nurse wanted to visit hospital. Of course I never been there, so it was interesting. Hospital building was not completely covered by wall unlike Japanese style, in another explanation, there were many small buildings, each buildings are connected by half-outside road. I a little bit doubt cleanliness of hospital. They also said that that hospital is now developing.
 After visiting hospital, we went to market, since students will cook something for the party in the evening today. They actually wanted to go to fresh market, but since around here, fresh market only open in the morning. They bought ingredients super market. In the market, the large amount of chicken meet were on sell as a picture below. Somehow shocking view for Japanese, since most of people do not usually see this.
 After bought ingredients, we went to Robinson shopping mall to have a lunch. I ate Kaomangai and noodle, noodle contains curded pig blood, I hesitate to eat it, because of the taste and the texture. After taking the lunch, we went to back to our room. Just after we got at dorm, one another van came which was for field survey organized by Faculty of Science and Engineering, My second choice to spend today was to join this trip.
 In the party night, It started with short opening address by organizer Dr. Veerachai. Thai traditional dance and music follow. It was quite beautiful and I loved it, but sound was too loud… and also so long, over 1 hour. After this show, high school students from Ugo-town performed Japanese traditional Bon dance (西馬音内盆踊). By the way, this was the first time to eat mangosteen which is called queen of the fruit. I was really surprised that it is so delicious. I had never thought that taste in mangosteen, even I saw it for many times. I have met a new Japanese visitor, he is working at high school to teach Japanese. Same program with the one who works in high school we visited yesterday. Tonight, we drank “Chiang beer”, I liked it. I also performed "Shape of you" with guitar. This was the first time to perform guitar. I was so nervous, but I enjoyed a lot. Prof and me promised to make for me to make more nice performance in my farewell party to leave here.

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