Day 11 - Trip Sakon Nakhon 1.


 This is 11th day of staying in Thai. Today visitors from Ugo-town, university staffs and me went to 4 faculties of University, a campus tour, high school and elementary school. In the morning I went to KUCSC 4 faculties which are consisted by Faculty of Natural Resource and Agro-Industry, Faculty of Science and Engineering, Faculty of Liberal Arts and Management Sciences. Faculty of Public Health. After this, we also had a campus tour, we went to around campus. We were having a lunch in the city. We underestimate the number of our group, four students including me had a lunch different table, main table dishes were already there. Additional different table ordered dishes separately, we took fried-shrimp salad, vegetable stir fry, and Tom Yam Kung.
 We moved to junior high school and high school (中高一貫校) in Sakon Nakhon which teach Japanese and other languages (English, Chinese and Vietnamese). I have met teacher from Japan, he have been sent from Japanese governmental office. There are so many Japanese in Asia countries!! Some students already took JLPT N5, they spoke Japanese well, I hope them to come to Japan in the future in any ways.

Japanese class in high school

 We moved to elementary school that they offer high-standard education. Their school concept is “Nature”, “Locality”, “Follow Buddha’s thinking”. Before enter this elementally school, they have interview with their parents. Students were so smart and polite, they spoke a bit even English… so great!!
 We went to back to dorm, and had rest for 1 hour. I visited Nobu-sensei’s Japanese class. There is a JICA senior volunteer men to teach local people Japanese language. After 1 hour, we went to restaurant which offer Isan local food, it was so nice. After having dinner, we went to the bar named “Happy night”. We were having really happy time there. We drank “Leo beer” a lot, it tastes great.

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