Day 10 - Visitors from Ugo-town (羽後町).


 I took rest well yesterday, I was able to wake up around 7 am, and I worked on my search, and then I played guitar an hour and write music note. Now I am trying to write “libertango”, this is soo cool song. In the evening I went to my office, and work with a student from Czech. Surprisingly, offices close at around 4:30 pm, soo early… Then, I and her went to market, I bought bananas, she bought Takoyaki and water melon from dinner. I bought bananas, it was just 20 THB (70 JPY), so cheap. I do not know the reason, but banana in Japan is also cheap!.
 I came back to my room. I was invited to join dinner with mayer, students, and other staffs from Ugo - town (羽後町) in Akita. At this time, I was not guest, but I should be taking care of them. We went to restaurant in the city. They offer Sakon Nakhon delicacies. They and me also were satisfied a lot. At the last there were remained food a lot, one of Thai officer tried to give me the box of remained food, but I was not able to get it, since it seemed it was so hard for me to finish that. Thai people always or everyday gave me a snacks or desserts. I cannot finish… please do not give me food… especially raw food… But anyway thank you very much for their kindness. It really helped me a lot.

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