Day 1 - Leave Japan and start life in Thai.


 Today, I left Japan and start my studying in Thailand as a exchange student of Kasetsart university. For me, this staying didn't seem too hard in terms of physical and mental aspects, because I have studied in the Philippines for 5 months in 3 years ago. But in these days especially today, I realized that this staying is quite quite challenging for me, considering my research tasks in Thailand.
 As the 1st day today, it happened a lot. Before going to Narita, staffs were too much to pack, also I lost something in my house, it costed time maybe for 30 minutes to find it so that I was forced to change a plan from using train and bus into express train which directory go to Narita.

photo at Airport, (I have got fat in this one week...)

 Even after arrived at Don Mueang airport in Thailand, I got a problem. When I tried to withdraw the money using credit card, but it was not successfully. I tried a lot maybe for an hour. After my mother added money for another debit card, finally I was successfully withdrawing money. I truly realized that if you do not have money, we can not survive in any situation, especially in abroad.
 For the first and the second day, I booked DMK hostel near Don Mueang airport, 15 minutes by walking. This hostel is well-cleaned, I was really satisfied. I went to Don Mueang airport again to take dinner, since it seems nearest restaurant is in the airport. One surprising thing is that I have been rejected twice to cash with 1000 THB (which is around 3000 円) at the airport Seven-Eleven. In Japan nearly anywhere we can use 10000円... Culture shock !!. After having dinner since it was already late and I have meetings tomorrow at two co-research institutes, I slept early at around 0 am.

Dinner at a canteen in the airport, delicious and hot!

 At the last part of this page, I really appreciate my family who help me all the time, University officers who also helped me a lot (without them, I can not achieve this studying abroad.), friends who played a lot until the last day in Tsukuba, and girl friend who accompanied today to Narita airport. I really appreciate them. I truly realized that my studying in Thailand is based on their help, should learn more and more things during staying.
 See you around!! I will try to upload this kind of diary everyday. Please take a look! if you have time.

<What I wanna do in Thai.>

  • Make good field surveys.
  • Learn Thai language, also English.
  • Make many friends.
  • Discovery Thai culture.

I think priority should be Make many friends first! I hope got Thai friends.


 今日から2019年2月15日まで, タイのサコンナコンに留学します!! 以前フィリピンの地方に5ヶ月程度留学していたこともあり, この留学もそこまで大変になることはないだろうと考えていました. しかし, いざ留学準備をしていると, 研究留学のハードルの高さにものすごくおどろきました, ビビりました. 詳しいことはハショリますが, タイの土地利用の研究をしています. 特に現地にいくまでに解析を進めておくことと, 現地での研究活動をスムーズに行うための準備とのバランスが非常に難しかったです(ついでに留学前にいろんな人と遊んで置くことも笑). またタイはビサの申請が他の国に比べて比較的に厳しいようで, 私も多くの方にお世話になって, やっと学生ビサを取得することができました.
 出発の朝, 持っていく荷物が多くなり過ぎてしまい, まぁまぁな量の荷物を日本に置いて来ました… バイオリンも持って行こうと思っていましたが, 普通に無理でした笑. 荷物が多くなり過ぎてしまった原因としては, 前回フィリピンに留学した際はトランクの中身スカスカで渡航して, 現地で困った記憶がありました. なので今回は備えあれば憂いなしということで, 役立ちそうなものや現地の方へのおみやげ, 研究に使う機材等を持ってこうとして… あぁぁ… って感じです. さらに, 出発直前にコンタクトレンズの入れたケースが紛失してしまい, あわわわしていたため, 当初乗ろうとしていた, 電車に乗ることができず, あわてて成田エクスプレスに乗りました(←約5000円もする). 大学に入って10回以上海外に行ってますが, 出発前, こんなにもバタバタしたのはほんとに初めてでした. はんせい, はんせい...
 現地に着いてからも, ATMでお金をおろそうとしてうまく行かず1時間くらい泣きそうになりながらいろいろ試して, ようやくお金を引き出せたり, 空港のセブンで1000バーツを出して, 2回ほど断られたり(結局受け取ってくれた. ), ホテルを現地に着いてから予約したりと自分の計画性のなさが全面的に出た一日になりました. なんにせよ無事にこれて良かった!!!笑

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